Adagio Bolognese

Bolognese History

 Rectangular fresco. God is in the act of creating the first man, who lies languidly on the ground, propped on one elbow, and reaching towards God. God, shown as a dynamic elderly man, is reaching his hand from Heaven to touch Adam and fill him with life.

The exquisite Bolognese dog is a rare breed from the regions of Bologna, Italy. They were the breed of the European nobility and can be traced back to the De Medici family during thirteenth century Renaissance Italy. Famed European Empresses who are said to have owned a Bolognese  as their lap dog include Madame Pompdour of France (1721-1764), Catherine the Great of Russia (1729-1796), and Maria Theresa of Austria (1717-1780). They are from the Bichon family which includes the Bichon Frise, the Maltese, the Coton de Tulear, the Havanese, and the Bolonka.

Sweet natured and extremely calm, the Bolognese exudes a happiness about them that is contagious. You can not help but delight in their "smiles" when they look at you. They are known to take on the characteristics of their family and that is true of our Mia. She is not known to be an early riser and will take five minutes to wake up, followed by her routine stretching, and then her tail waggles of good morning. If we stay up too late she looks at us with pleading eyes as if to say, "can we go to bed already?"

She always knows where I am yet she is never underfoot. I am amazed at her intuitive nature. Whether I am doing laundry, teaching the children, or cooking dinner she is always nearby. She loves to travel and if she sees me get my keys she gets a gleam in her eye and a waggle in her tail asking, "please can I come?"

Mia loves the children and puts up with an inordinate amount of affection from them. Her favorite pastime is to cuddle on a blanket next to them especially during movie night. She is so amiable she doesn't know an enemy. Whether it is a cat or a visiting dog or even our ferrets, she just loves everyone and wants to be friends. The Bolo is truely a delight to have as a family member. All of that being said, the Bolo does not do well alone or as an outside dog. Centuries of breeding have made them dependent on human companionship. To thrive they need to be an active member of your family.

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