Adagio Bolognese

Bolognese Care


The Bolognese is an easy to care for breed.  A well balanced diet keeps them healthy and living a full and active life.  We prefer to feed a raw food diet as this is the natural diet of the canine carnivore. Please read the following link for an introduction to feeding your dog a raw food diet:  There are also companies that make a complete prepared raw food already frozen, such as Northwest Naturals ( or Primal ( If feeding kibble, we prefer a grain free variety such as Orijen ( or Taste of the Wild (  The grain free formulas tend to keep tear staining down to a minimum.  These brands also contains probiotics and enzymes for healthy digestion.  An organic variety is also invaluable to the health of your Bolo. 

Bolognese require daily grooming to keep their luxurious coats soft and tangle free.  Mia and I enjoy these daily grooming sessions as our one on one time.  Many Bolo owners, however, choose to keep their dogs in a puppy cut.  Either way, they are adorable. Only you can decide how best to maintain the coat of your Bolognese.  See or for a complete list of grooming supplies.  We personally like the Equus brand shampoo and conditioner and Mane and Tail Detangler.  A whitening shampoo every so often keeps the coat a true white.  Keeping the area around the eyes trimmed or put up in a clip makes Mia much happier.  

                                   Health Exams

The American Bolognese Club recommends yearly testing of the Bolognese eyes, especially for breeding animals.  This test is called a CERF test and is done by a veterinary opthamologist.  They also recommend testing of the patellas (knees) to ensure no subluxation is present.  These tests are to ensure the Bolognese breed remains free from genetic problems.  They are an extremely healthy breed with an average lifespan well into their teens.  There are no major genetic issues common in the Bolognese breed.  Your veterinarian can also recommend the proper vaccination and worming scheduling for your Bolo. 


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