Adagio Bolognese
We are sorry to announce we are not currently breeding the Bolognese. May we refer you to Darice Barnes of My Regal Bolognese ( who is also in San Antonio, Texas or the American Bolognese Club to find a breeder close to you (


Adagio Bolognese is a small family breeder of quality Bolognese dogs.  Located in the heart of Texas, our dogs are raised in our home, are from Champion bloodlines, and are health tested yearly .

Why A Bolognese Dog?

The Bolognese is the most delightful and charming of toy breeds.  In the quest for the perfect addition to our family, my husband had several major stipulations;  no shedding, no yapping, and not high strung.  To his list I added several essential characteristics:  sweet yet calm, a cheerful personality, and they must love the family, especially the children.  After much research one breed kept rising to the top...the Bolognese.
Truly a perfect family companion, the Bolognese, or Bolo for short, has been raised for centuries as a lap companion to the nobility of Europe.  Only in the United States for thirty years, it is a very rare breed.  They have an intuitive sense about them and strongly bond to their family.  Their greatest joy is be your delight and they will always be near you yet not underfoot.  They are truly a unique breed!

The Bolognese are hypoallergenic and nonshedding making them perfect for persons with allergies.  They average five to nine pounds yet are sturdy and not frail.  Because they are companion dogs they are best suited for families with someone home during the day. Since they are bred to be a companion to us, they do not do well alone all day.

If you are looking for a sweet companion who will love you and bring great joy to your heart look no further.......


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